Café El Desarrollo – Asodesarrollo

Hello from ESCOCAFÉ and Café El Desarrollo (Asodesarrollo) teams.

The beautiful department of Huila, one of the most impressive places around the world. With a powerful dessert, incredible thermal waters, and a landscape with  an incredible mixture of greens, blues, yellows and infinity of colors, is the region where one of the most tasteful coffees is produced.

Notes: Medium body and acidity. Sweet with a refreshing flavor of green apple, chocolate, caramel, cherry, honey and lemongrass.

Geographic location: Gigante, Huila

Varietals: Arabic Caturra

Altitude: 1.500 to 1900 m.a.s.l.

Coffee process: Fully washed

Drying Method: Solar and Mechanical

Produced by local coffee growers grouped as an association to join their efforts and produce massively, reduce costs and environment impact. They are willing to embody the concept that together we can achieve more.

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